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American History

This guide provides general information on library and other resources for coursework and research in American History. A guide created for your particular course can provide more extensive and specific information.


Ceramic sculpture depicting Clio the Muse of history holding an open book, half kneeling on a clock in the form of a winged chariot

Here you will find guides to research materials in both electronic and paper formats that will be useful for your research projects.

There may be a guide created for your specific course.  If there is, use it instead.  The information will be much more specific!

You also have several ways to contact a librarian for help!  Please talk to us before you get frustrated.

Carlo Franzoni, Car of History.  1819.  Capitol, Washington, DC. 
Depicts Clio, the muse of history


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This guide was created by librarian emerita Linda Zieper.