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Carney Librarians

Carney librarians are working hard to contribute your success.  Our subject librarians are available for individual and small group appointments, and they also produce subject/course specific guides.  These guides are designed to help you find the information you need.  Check to see if there is one for your subject/course!

We are here for you!

First things first: You need to know that you have librarians who are able and willing to help.  There is a subject librarian for each major.  So if you have trouble researching material for a nursing class, there is a librarian for that.  If you have trouble doing research for a Women's Studies course, there is a librarian for that! You get the idea.

Also, know that the Library Systems department is here to support you.  If you have any technical issues accessing library material, or if you have unmet library needs, please let us know