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Foreign Literatures and Languages

About This Page

Books are the most prestigious and significant form of publication in history.  Articles are not just shorter; they are different in scope, more specialized and more specific in focus.  Scholarly articles in the humanities asume a level of expertise that books generally do not.  

Finding Books in the UMD Library and Beyond

Our new library system, Primo, is a "discovery tool" that pulls up a lot of material for any search: books, articles, other materials, which may be available to you here (or through the library) or may simply exist elsewhere in the world.   

To search for books at the Claire T. Carney Library, you must follow a few steps:

1) Choose Advanced Search.


2) On the next screen, click on the UMD Collections Only tab and select Books from the drop-down menu



If you identify a book you wish to use that is not in the UMass Dartmouth collection, you may request a copy on Interlibrary Loan.  How long will this take?  Usually a week or less, but the time depends on the lending library and we cannot promise a specific delivery speed.  There is no emergency overnight interlibrary loan, so think ahead!