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WGS 369/PSC 381 - Global Women's Health & Activism

About This Page

Here you will find targeted help for specific assignments in the form of research recommendations and tips.  There is also a blog set up for you to ask more questions.

Questions on Assignments

If you have a question about the assignment, please feel free to email me:

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Examples of Articles

For your assignments in this course, you will investigate the impact of gender inequity on women's health through a feminist political lens, focusing on roles played by international institutions and national governments in determining the quality of women's health.  Throughout the course, you will be required to locate, analyze and and critique material from a variety of sources.  We will work together in the classroom and individually on how to achieve success in using databases and evaluating scholarly resources. 

Database Searching Suggestions

Here are a few strategies for searching databases and the online catalog.


If you are doing a keyword search in either the catalog or a database and want to focus on "21st Century" as a time period.   You can also use the word "millenium" or focus your search to books/articles  published after 2000.  And you can limit your search in the library catalog by choosing the "advanced search" screen. 


Don't forget to try "Subject Heading" search. You can do a search such as:  Women (fill in a country or geographic area) social conditions example:  women china social conditions



When a database search page is set to search using Boolean operators, you can change the setting,which is located under the search boxes in "Search Options".


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