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Upper Level Writing Requirement

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Books can give you crucial background information or an overview of your topic.  Many books devote chapters to analyzing specific aspects or issues of law.  To find books on your topic, try the following:

1.  Use the library catalog, Primo.  In the "Looking For a Book?" box, type in your topic's keywords or the title of a book, click search and find what is available in the Carney and Law Library collections.

2.  Use the "Online Sources" box, to see what is available online in your topic.  Many of these sites will only give you a preview of a book.  However, they can be great finding tools.  If you find a book you like that is not available in full text, please email myself or the library so we can order it through interlibrary loan.  

Still having trouble?  Make a research consultation appointment with a librarian

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