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IAD 301: Interior Architecture & Design Studio V

About This Page

IAD uses APA citation style for citing works used in research projects. A copy of the most recent edition the guide is kept at the reference desk on the first floor of the library.

Documenting your research completely, accurately, and in a correct format is essential for reasons other than "My teacher told me to." It helps people that read your work in finding the interesting things you cited and expand their knowledge. 

Many databases will generate a citation for you in the style of your choosing. They're not always perfect, but they provide a helpful start. Be on the look out for the feature when you're on a database!

There are also two great pieces of software for organizing research and generating citations, RefWorks and Zotero. Read more about them to the right!

Using APA Style

Research & Citation Managers

Part of researching is having a strategy on how to manage all these resources/citations you've found. You can use a citation management tool like Zotero to organize citations to sources, collect digital files such as full-text PDFs, and cite sources automatically when writing papers.