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This is an introduction to a librarian who can direct Honors students to subject area specialists.


Claire T. Carney Library

Here you will find a guide to library materials you can use to help you with your research in your Honors courses. There are subject librarians available to help you with your own area of interest, but please contact me for general help or to introduce you to your subject specialist.

I'm available at the library to help most days from 9-5.

You can also either call or email me if you are not available on campus. 
My contact information is on the right hand side of the screen, and on the help tab.


Lorraine Heffernan's picture
Lorraine Heffernan
Email me anytime!

Claire T. Carney Library
Room 234 (Map to my office)
285 Old Westport Rd
Dartmouth, MA 02747