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Law Library Resource Guide

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The Library has many resources available to the students, staff, and faculty of the law school. This page will give you an overview of these important tools.

Read on below to find out all that we offer!

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Digital Newspapers and publications

Print Newspapers

What else you can borrow from the library

Digital News and Publications

Print Newspapers

Available near the Coffee and Wellness Corner on the main floor of the library

What Else You Can Borrow from the Library

All are available at the library information desk.

  • Computer adaptors
    Adaptors for PC and Macintosh to various ports, including USB-C to HDMI.

  • Headphones
    Classic, over the ear headphones (note: requires a headphone jack)

  • Laptop Chargers
    Laptop chargers for both PC and Mac (of various generations)

  • Phone Chargers
    Both iPhone (of various generations) and Android chargers available.


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