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PSC 201/WGS 210 - Reproductive Rights & Health

This guide is designed for Professor Heidi Berggren's PSC 201 / WGS 210 class.

Example of an Activist Media Campaign

An example of online media and creativity being used to try and "change the world in some small" way. In this example Greenpeace is pressuring LEGO to end it's partnership with Shell.

Reproductive Rights and Health

Welcome! Each department has a librarian liaison whose job it is to assist its students and faculty.  I serve as the librarian liaison to the Political Science Department. Part of this responsibility includes helping students with their research projects. Since this is one of my favorite aspects of my position, I encourage you to contact me if you need help with your research!
Use the tabs above to navigate through the guide. If you have any trouble, you've got my contact information in the right-hand column of this page and under the help tab. 
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Twitter Feed for #reproductivehealth

Twitter can be a helpful tool for both advocating your ideas and for keeping up with what others are doing. You will sometimes find useful links to articles in Tweets.

Subject Guide

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