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HST 201: The Early Modern Witchhunt

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The identification and analysis of primary sources are essential parts of historical research.  Some primary sources are, of course, only available in the library or archival collection that owns the documents.  Others maybe transcribed and even translated in books or on web sites. 


Locating Primary Sources: in books

Documents related to witchcraft accusations in New England have been gathered together in a variety of books. The following are some examples that we have in the library, note that this is not an exhaustive list: 


Locating Primary Sources: Online

There are many websites where you can find primary documents related to witch craft/hunts for various places including England, Scotland, Wales, New England as well as Finland, Germany, and Iceland. As with any online search, you will want to ensure that any time transcriptions are provided, an image of the original document is also provided, or at the very least, you are told where the original document can be found; documents should be hosted by a reliable institution (ideally an archive, museum or library); and documents have been placed in context to their time and place. Below are some suggested web pages where primary source documents can be found:


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