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Maps & Charts

"Map" is used for land, "Chart" is for air or water. They accomplish the same task - provide information for best travel from point A to point B and points beyond.

Charts? Maps? What's the difference?

Horseneck Beach from NOAA viewer

In addition to the online links you will find in this guide - the map cabinets on the third floor of the library contain a collection of paper charts and maps for all areas of the world, and beyond. Many of these can be checked out at the circulation desk. Whether for information on a current event, for a design project, an assignment, or personal interest, this collection provides a wealth of information in graphic form.

Another gift both offer is inspiring the imagination. Give it a try. Want a deeper explanation about Maps and Charts?

This guide was originally created by Paige Gibbs, and will be updated by Zac Painter.

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