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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering that encompasses the generation and application of heat and mechanical power and the design, production, and use of machines and tools.

About This Page

The Claire T. Carney Library has an excellent collection of books on engineering on the 5th floor.

You're welcome (and encouraged) to browse the books in person, but you also can plan ahead and see what our library and other libraries have from wherever you are. This page will help you with both approaches to finding books.

If there's a book you're interested in that we don't have, see the Interlibrary Loan tab for information on how to get it!

Primo - Finding Books

Use the search box below to run a quick search for books, or use the advanced search page to limit your material type to books prior to searching. 

Finding Books in our Stacks

We have several e-book and some print titles in our collection for bioengineering.  If you are searching the stacks on the fifth floor, best to check our Primo search above to find the call number before you go to the stacks since your book may have call numbers that are located in the R's (medicine), S's (agriculture), or T's (technology).  The newest titles will be electronic.  Check out some of our titles below.  

Browsing In-person for Engineering Books

Our library uses the Library of Congress Call Number Classification System to organize our books. If you know a little bit about what the call numbers stand for, you can browse the stacks more efficiently. 

All of the engineering books are on the 5th floor and most have a call number that starts with T. Here are the ranges that will likely be most useful to those interested in engineering:

T - Technology (General)

TA - Engineering (General). Civil engineering

TC - Hydraulic engineering. Ocean engineering

TD - Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering

TE - Highway engineering. Roads and pavements

TF - Railroad engineering and operation

TG - Bridge engineering

TH - Building construction

TJ - Mechanical engineering and machinery

TK - Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering

TL - Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics

TN - Mining engineering. Metallurgy

TP - Chemical technology

TS - Manufacturers

Thesis and Dissertations

UMass Dartmouth dissertations and thesis are now online in our digital archives.  If you need one from 2016 or earlier, search the title or author in Primo for the print copy.

Mechanical Engineering Thesis (online)

Engineering and Applied Science Dissertations (online)

How to find print books we don't own

Reading Call Numbers

Here's a quick guide on how to read call numbers in our library (and most other academic libraries).


An image of a call number on a side of a book. An arrow points to the first line.

The first line is read in alphabetical order.

  • ex. This would be before the PQ's but after the PM's.


An image of a call number on a side of a book. An arrow points to the second line.

Read the second line in numerical order.

  • ex. This would be after PN 6746 and before PN 6747.1 or PN 6748.


An image of a call number on a side of a book. An arrow points to the third line.

The third line is tricky. Read the letter in alphabetical order then the number as a decimal.

  • ex. PN 6747 .S245 would come before PN 6747 .S5, because .5 in decimal is really .500!


An image of a call number on a side of a book. An arrow points to the fourth line.

Sometimes the fourth line will look like this and you read it exactly like the other line.

  • ex. PN 6747 .S245 P4713 would come before PN 6747 .S245 P8, because .8 in decimal is really .800!


An image of a call number on a side of a book. An arrow points to the fifth line.

When you see a line near the bottom that looks like a year, it is a year! This goes in numerical order.

  • ex. If there was a book just like this except the date was 2003, it would go before the 2007 edition.


You could think of a call number like a detailed address in reverse: planet, country, state, city, street, street number. Each line helps you narrow down the book's exact location!

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