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Creating Persistent Links to Online Articles and Other Library Resources

About this Page

This page provides an example of creating a persistent link to an item within the JSTOR database. There are separate instructions for ebooks/book chapters and articles.

JSTOR eBook Example

Link to entire eBook:

Step 1

Locate desired eBook. Click on the title.

Step 2

Locate the link under the publication information.


Link to a single chapter:

Step 1

Locate a chapter within table of contents, click chapter title.

Step 2

Look for chapter link under chapter title and information




JSTOR eBooks have unlimited simultaneous user access, there is no limit to the number of students who can access a book at the same time. If you are using a JSTOR eBook in your course, follow these directions to link to the content.

JSTOR Article Example

Step 1

Locate a desired source in the database. Click on the title.

Step 2

Look for the link under the article title information.