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Finding Research Instruments

What is Mental Measurements Yearbook?

Mental Measurements Yearbook consists of information about commercially available tests and reviews of those tests.

Important Definitions


  • searchable research tool that includes records about a wide range of sources, primarily articles


  • collection of information about a single item, usually an article, within a database; includes several fields


  • section of a record that provides a specific piece of information about the item described (the title, the author, the abstract, etc.)

Truncation (*)

  • the star or asterisk key tells the database to look for any ending of a word; one example: searching for measure* in a database would find the words measure, measures, and measurement

Searching By Topic

Given the limited size of Mental Measurements Yearbook, you can simply search for a word or phrase to find instruments on your topic. The fewer words you use, the more results you'll get, so start broadly and consider narrowing from there. Using truncation can be helpful, as can trying different synonyms.

sample search

Searching By Title

Type the name of your test, in quotes if you're sure of the exact title, and choose TI Test Name from the drop-down menu.

search by title

If you know the acronym, use the AC Acronym field instead. The default search will include both these fields, so you can try that, too, especially if you're not positive of the exact test name or acronym.

search by acronym

Searching For Evaluations

All entries in this database include evaluations of the instruments.