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Researching Domestic Violence

Find the Perfect Article!

Sometimes it takes some digging.

Legal Databases

American Law Reports

Check out the following resource for entries that discuss unsettled elements in the area of domestic violence law.  For example, there is an entry regarding DV and same-sex couples and another entry that discusses whether cohabitation should be required for a DV conviction.

Family Law Journals

A great way to narrow your search is to limit your article results to only those found in family law journals.  This type of search can be accomplished in Lexis, Westlaw, and Hein by using the limiters to restrict your results.  Each databases provides access to a different selection of journals. This is why is it's important to search within the separate resources. Here are a few example titles of popular family law publications:

Family Law Quarterly (available in Hein, Lexis, Westlaw, and other databases)

Journal of Law and Family Studies (available in Hein, Lexis, Westlaw, and other databases)

Yale Journal of Law and Feminism (available in Hein)

International Survey of Family Law (available in Hein)

Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy (available in Hein, Lexis, Westlaw)

Multidisciplinary Databases

As part of the UMass system, we also have access to a variety of multidisciplinary databases that the main campus provides. These resources could come in handy when you are exploring an area of the law that involves aspects of psychology, sociology, health sciences, etc.

Follow this link for a clickable list of Carney Library databases.

For more information on using the Carney Library in general, please see their orientation libguide.

Here are a few recommended databases:

Open Access Databases (free online)

Yes, you can find articles or citations to relevant material freely online.  I'd recommend exploring this option even after harvesting material from our scholarly databases.  Sometimes you will find complete articles or abstracts online that do not exist in subscription databases.  If you come across an abstract or citation, and you want to read the full-text article, check out the "interlibrary loan" tab above for instructions on what to do in that situation.


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