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Art Education

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A print by Charles Broughton of a class drawing or painting from a sculpture that's at the front of the room..
Charles Broughton, The Concours Antique Class, J. Carroll Beckwith, Instructor, 1891, still image, 4 x 5" (10 x 13 cm), The New York Public Library,

Our library subscribes to many databases that you can search in to find citations and/or full-text to articles from newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals.

Most articles on art education are found in education-focused databases, so here are the best databases we have related to education:

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Open Access Journals are scholarly journals that are available for free unlike most scholarly journals that the library has to pay for. They're usually not included in databases, so you'll have to search and browse these on your own.

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Use this search box to see if our library has a specific journal when you know the journal title you're looking for, like if you only found a citation but no full-text.


If we don't have access to the journal and/or specific issue, go to the Interlibrary Loan tab to learn how to get it for free!