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Library Services Spring 2020

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Carney Library Reference Librarians
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Call us: 508-999-8678
Text us: 508-507-2275

How can librarians help with online instruction?

Librarians can show you how to find appropriate electronic materials for use in class and/or by participating in your class using myCourses.

How can librarians partcipate in myCourses?

myCourses has a "librarian" role which permits a librarian to add content to the site and to participate in discussion boards but not participate in any grading as to insure student privacy.

Librarian participation could mean many different things. Librarians could add contact information, library research guide links, worksheets, tutorial videos, or participate in a Zoom meeting or set up a discussion board. These can be synchronous or asynchronous.

How do I add a librarian to myCourses?

Go to myUMassD -> QuickLaunch -> IT Help -> and choose the Instructional Technologies box. Submit a case to have your librarian added as a "librarian" for your class section. Your myCourses site does have to exist before this can happen.

How can I reach a librarian for instruction help?

Contact your library liaison. We're usually available between 9-5, Monday-Friday.

If you are unsure of who to contact, call 508-999-8678 for assistance or email