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CJS 190: Introduction to Crime and Justice Studies

About this tab

Though you have to be careful when using the Internet for your research, there are many, many reputable sources out there too. This tab will get you started with links to reliable news sources and non-profit research organizations and think tanks. As you begin your academic research, it is a great idea to start bookmarking websites you find particularly useful so you can return to them again and again, no matter what class you're taking.

News Sources

By their very nature, news organizations strive to be impartial and to deliver information clearly. However, look out for articles labeled "editorial" or "viewpoint," as these may contain some bias. There is nothing wrong with using editorials for your research, you just need to be aware that they may express an opinion rather than a fact.

Non-Profits and Thinktanks

Non-profits and think tanks are run by experts and scholars in their fields. Many linked below explicitly say they are non-profit and nonpartisan. There is no such thing as pure objectivity, but these organizations are backing up their assertions with high-quality data and analysis.