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MAT 610 Educational Research & Technology

Get the most from an ERIC search

Click the Thesaurus (middle term on the left on the blue bar at the top of the screen)

Input your search term (e.g."inclusion") in the second box down in the next screen then click "browse"

The next screen will display the thesaurus terms that most closely match your search term

Scroll to the most accurate term and click ON it

Click on the most accurate term to view the definition (aka scope) of the term

If that is the term you wish to search, click the box to the left of it and
click "add" just above the list.

The term will appear in the search box at the top of the screen

Click “search”

At the next screen look on the left side of the screen for  “refine your results.”

Scroll to “Source Types” and click the box to the left of “peer reviewed journals”

Click on “update” at the next screen

Journal Databases

These databases may require a UMass Darmouth e-mail account to use from off campus

Many more discipline-specific databases are available on the library's Articles and Database page.

Scholarly Journals


How Can I Tell the Difference





Often contain color images, likely have an attractive and glossy appearance

Very text heavy, limited pictures and graphics, black & white


Often glossy and abundant

Generally very limited, advertisements relevant to discipline (e.g., no Wendy’s, Best Buy, etc.)



Scholars & students



Scholars, experts in the field


Secondary reporting, easy to read, articles edited by magazine editors

Original Research, discipline specific jargon,  articles often undergo a “peer review” process


Provide general information

Report findings of original research, serve as record of discipline specific knowledge


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