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Sources for University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (UMD) History: Reference Books

Guide to published and unpublished sources for uncovering the history of UMass Dartmouth, 1895-present.

Published Histories of UMass Dartmouth

Dedication ceremony for SMTI campus in 1966.

The new SMTI campus in 1966.

These published histories of UMass Dartmouth cover different periods in time.  They are a good place to start for a general overview of the history of the campus.  Keep the UMD timeline in mind when researching your topic.  Dates provide clues as to where to look for information.   For more specific information you will need to consult primary source material in the archives collections.  You will need to consult me, the archivist, first, as most of these collections are not yet online and need to be requested from the Archives and Special Collections.  So far, only the yearbooks and catalogues are fully online.

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