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Comics & Graphic Novels

Citing comics and graphic novels

Citing a comic is like citing an extra special book: so often there are several creators with different roles that worked on this one thing. If there's just one creator, cite it like a book using the resources to the right based on your citation style. If there's more than one creator and these people have different roles (ex. writer, artist, inker, colorist, etc.), look at these links below for help.

I tried to find a good link about citing comics in Chicago style, but I had no luck. I do have a lot of experience with this thanks to co-editing a book about comics that used Chicago style, so I feel confident about the following sample of a Chicago style citation for a comic with multiple creators:

Haines, Steve, and Sophie Standing. Anxiety is Really Strange. London: Singing Dragon, 2018.

Using APA Style

Using Chicago Style

Using MLA Style