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IAD 301: Interior Architecture & Design Studio V

Information on specific assignments within the course, including the assignment and suggested resources to complete them.

Research Photo Journal + Sketchbook Assignments

This project focuses on using evidence based design and finding precedent studies and design research to support your design ideas.

During the course of the semester, students will locate relevant articles and images in peer-reviewed journals, scholarly articles, books, and magazines related to the course topics. They will respond to their findings through sketch exercises and analytical writing. Responses will be presented to the class over the course of the semester. (5 presentations total)

Suggested Keywords

Some keywords that could help you in your search include:

  • hospitality
  • restaurant
  • hotel* OR lodging OR guesthouse
  • b&b OR "bed and breakfast"
  • "boutique hotel" OR "resort hotel"
  • amenity (or a specific amenity)
  • disabl* (or a specific disability)
  • accessib*
  • "universal design"

You can try to combine these phrases with the following words to target your search:

  • design
  • "interior design"
  • architecture
  • sustainab* OR green
  • trend* OR movement