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IAD 301: Interior Architecture & Design Studio V

Suggested Databases

Databases allow you to structure a search for terms in a more limited and curated place than a typical search engine.

Our library subscribes to many databases that provide citations, abstracts, and full-text articles in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, and scholarly journals.

To find peer-reviewed articles, there's usually a setting in advanced search or on the left side of the search results to limit by this!

Suggested Magazines

Feel free to browse these magazines for inspiration.

Suggested Scholarly & Trade Journals

Feel free to browse these scholarly and trade journals for inspiration.

To determine if one of these are peer-reviewed, look in one of the databases it lives in for more info!

Already have a citation but not full-text?

Use this search box to see if our library has a specific journal when you know the journal title you're looking for, like if you only found a citation but no full-text.


If we don't have access to the journal and/or specific issue, go to the Interlibrary Loan tab to learn how to get it for free!