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This is College Now: Welcome


Welcome to This is College Now. 

This guide is intended to guide you through the completion of the assigned project in UNV 101. It provides you with primary and secondary source documents that you will need to read and interpret in order to answer the guiding questions provided to you by your professor. 

Using this LibGuide

This LibGuide is organized into four parts and it is recommended that you follow the chronological order as you work through each part. The idea is that with each part you will grow in comfort with reading and analyzing resources that assist you in completing your assignment, and thereforprimary sources, and increase your ability to think critically.

Part One: a refresher on what primary and secondary sources are some helpful guidance on how to process large quantities of reading. 

Part Two: provides primary sources that document College Now and information on how to read and interpret primary sources. 

Part Three: provides secondary sources related to College Now and information on how to read and interpret them. 


There is also information on how to cite sources and information on how to contact a librarian who can help you with your assignment. 

Objective of this LibGuide

As a result of following the Parts of this LibGuide, you should be able to:

  • Annotate and understand primary source documents and summarize the content found in the documents
  • Analyze and interpret primary source documents to critically evaluate the perspective of the author(s), contextualize the time and culture in which the documents were created; identify and interrogate the “problems” in the documents and discuss how these impact the impact the research process.
  • Evaluate secondary sources and assess, critique and consider whether they should be used without question.
  • Complete the assigned project for UNV 101 "This is College Now".