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ITA 204/ENL 200-12: Italian Literature in Translation I

About this page

Books are still one of the most frequently used forms of publication in literature. Articles are not just shorter; they are different in scope, more specialized and more specific in focus.  Scholarly articles in history assume a level of expertise that books generally do not.  

Our library has a number of texts that may be of use to your research for this class. Look in the library catalog for: 

  • Copies of the work in translation you are researching;
  • Biographical or autobiographical texts about the author you are researching;
  • Texts that provide literary criticism and/or analysis of the work you are researching. 

Reference Books

Here are three examples of general literary texts that may provide you with a starting point in your research on Italian literature in translation. While we have a large number of physical books available in the library, I've chosen to highlight E-books for Fall 2020:

Library Catalog

Primo is our library catalog. Use it to find the library's collection of books, videos, and journals. See the Help Page for Finding Books for more information on using Primo to locate books. 

Use the search box below to run a quick search or use the advanced search page to limit your material type to books prior to searching.