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About this Page

This page lists a few databases that may be useful as you look for scholarly articles.  The sub-pages will perform more effective searches. Just mouse-over the "Find Articles" tab to see a link to the sub-page.

Reference Books

Reference books may be helpful when you need an overview of topic, but you should NOT cite these sources in your paper. These materials can help you gain a general understanding of an issue and provide citations to useful sources. Use these citations to access the original source. It is the original source that you should cite in your paper.

Journal Databases

While these databases include some full-text articles, not all citations will include full-text. In these cases, use the Primo journal search. If you have trouble, don't hesitate to ask for help

Find Journals by title

Do NOT use the journal search to look for articles by subject. Only use the journal search when you know the title of a journal, magazine or newspaper. Use the databases above to look for articles by subject.