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Law Library Introduction


This page describes the items that are kept at the circulation desk.


Do you have a long commute?  Study while you drive!  The library offers CD sets that cover various topics within the law.  These CDs circulate for one week.  There is sometimes a waiting list for these popular resources.

Photo of audiobooks


 Photo of law librarians, Jessica and Emma, standing in front of the reserves shelf.

Most class textbooks are on class reserve at the circulation desk. The reserve books may be borrowed for a period of 2 hours.

You may check to see which books are on reserve for your classes through our library catalog, Primo.

Reserve materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Study Aids

Study aids will help you prepare for classes and exams.  These items may be borrowed for a period of 2 days.  Here is a description of some of the study aid series that the library offers:

CrunchTime – Published by Aspen, this series asks questions about law topics in short-answer, multiple-choice, and essay form.  CrunchTime also includes a summary of the title topic, helpful charts, and tips for exam taking. 

Questions and Answers (Q & A) – Published by LexisNexis, this series tests the readers’ knowledge of law topics by asking multiple-choice questions.  The first half of each book is made up of questions while the second contains answers.  There is an index.

Examples and Explanations – Published by Aspen, this series helps to illustrate particular topics by using the following formula: general topic overview, example situations that ask questions of the reader, and explanations that discuss and clarify issues that are brought up in the examples.  The author suggests that readers attempt to develop their own explanations before reading those provided.

Understanding Series – Published by LexisNexis, the Understanding Series provides a comprehensive overview of various law subjects.  These supplements explain key concepts and intend to provide a foundation in a particular area.

Black Letter Outlines – Published by West, this series outlines key topics and offers examples.  Review questions are asked as true/false, multiple-choice, and essays.  This set is recommended for general class preparation and to study for exams.