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Standards are seldom available without cost. You can however generally search for free at the websites of standards developers and vendors.

What Is A Standard?

From OMB Circular A-119: "The term "standard," or "technical standard" includes all of the following:

* Common and repeated use of rules, conditions, guidelines or characteristics for products or related processes and production methods, and related management systems practices.

* The definition of terms; classification of components; delineation of procedures; specification of dimensions, materials, performance, designs, or operations; measurement of quality and quantity in describing materials, processes, products, systems, services, or practices; test methods and sampling procedures; or descriptions of fit and measurements of size or strength."

Search For Standards

Take advantage of these free resources to find the standards you need. If you want to obtain a copy of a standard be sure to get the title and number of the standard.

Here are some of the most useful standards searching websites:

Standards Developing Organizations
A comprehensive list from ANSI. The list includes international organizations. You can generally search on the organizations' websites.

IEEE Xplore
Our IEEE Xplore subscription includes all of the IEEE standards. Scroll down the frame to "content types" and click the box to the left of "standards" then search search by keyword or browse by number.

ISO Standards
Search the International Organization for Standardization standards catalogue.

A commercial source for standards. Use the free search engine.