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Here are some recent purchases related to textiles and/or fibers!

Textiles Related Call Numbers

If you browse the general collection in the following sections, you'll likely run across some useful and interesting books related to textiles and/or fibers:


3rd Floor:

NK – Decorative arts

                NK 2775-2898 – Rugs and carpets

                NK 2975-3049 – Tapestries

                NK 3175-3296.3 – Upholstery. Drapery

                NK 4700-4890 – Costume

                NK 8800-9505.5 – Textiles

5th Floor:

GT – Costume. Dress. Fashion

TP – Chemical Technology

                TP 890-933 - Textile bleaching, dyeing, printing, etc.

TS – Manufactures

                TS 940-1047 – Leather industries. Tanning

                TS 1060-1070 – Furs

                TS 1300-1865 – Textile industries

TT – Handicrafts. Arts and crafts

                TT 490 – 695 – Clothing manufacture. Dressmaking. Tailoring

                TT 697-927 – Home arts. Homecrafts (including sewing, embroidery, decorative crafts)



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