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IAD 201: Studio III - Sustainable Design

Information on specific assignments within the course, including the assignment and suggested resources to complete them.

Photo Journals

During the course of this semester, students will keep a photo journal, in which they collect images of office interiors or photograph/sketch interior office environments related to the topics being studied throughout the course. Students will give brief presentations on the progress of their photo journal throughout the course. See the syllabus and schedule for presentation dates.

Sustainable Strategies Study

Using knowledge of the LEED process and sustainable design methods learned throughout the semester, students will write a comprehensive research whitepaper focusing on sustainable design practices. Alongside this whitepaper, students will outline a design solution to showcase a minimum of 6 strategies utilized throughout their design. This showcase can be in any medium,but must be represented on the final project boards as organized and on brand.

Pandemic Research Presentation

Utilizing current credible sources, students will draft a research presentation focusing on how office design is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Learners will be broken into small groups, and presentations will be created. After each group has presented their findings, each student will write a two page response detailing the design solutions they will utilize in their own design. Response papers will include two pages of text, and at least one sketch and one photo.

Suggested Keywords

Some keywords that can help you in your searching for this semester include:

  • sustainable or sustainability
  • efficient or efficiency
  • green or eco-friendly or eco or eco-design
  • environment or environmental
  • zero-waste
  • "clean energy" or "renewable energy"

Combine one or more of the above terms with the following:

  • office
  • workspace
  • design
  • planning
  • building
  • construction
  • architecture
  • "case study"