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SOA 316: Research Methods in Sociology & Anthropology



How does diversity affect the efficacy and efficiency of the counseling center on campus?

Potential Follow-Up Questions:

How do the demographics of the counseling center compare to those of students on campus? 

Do campus diversity initiatives impact counseling centers?

How does educational programming help counseling centers cater to diverse populations?


Recommended Keywords

Recommended Keywords:
(Search phrases in quotations, search multiple keywords at the same time using AND and OR)

Primary Keywords:
- diversity
- "counseling centers"
- "student demographics"
- "college students:

Secondary Keywords (use with at least one "primary" keyword):

- "higher education"
- "diversity initiatives"
- inclusively
- efficiency or efficient


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Other Resources

Campus Resources:

UMassD Counseling Center

UMassD Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

UMassD Diversity & Inclusion Council Resources

Try reaching out to the counseling center to see if they have any department-specific diversity initiatives.