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SOA 316: Research Methods in Sociology & Anthropology



How effectively is the university meeting the needs of non-traditional students?

Potential Follow-up Questions:

What services are commonly offered to non-traditional students?

Have any colleges or universities designed new programs or changed existing programs to better accommodate non-traditional students? 

How can you (as a group) use information about other universities to enhance or contribute to your analysis of UMassD?


Recommended Keywords

Recommended Keywords:
(Search phrases in quotations, search multiple keywords at the same time using AND and OR)

Primary Keywords:

- "non-traditional students"
- "returning students"
- "university services"
- "higher education"

Secondary Keywords (use with at least one "primary" keyword):

- needs
- support
- programming OR programs
- advising

** Please see the Find Articles tab for recommended databases

Other Resources

Campus Resources:

UMassD Online & Continuing Education

UMassD Online & Continuing Education Advising & Support

UMassD Advising, Support & Planning Office

Try reaching out the advising offices to ask about specific services for non-traditional and returning students.