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SOA 316: Research Methods in Sociology & Anthropology



How does working affect academic success for college students?

Potential Follow-Up Questions:

How do college students manage their time effectively?

Are there any studies or surveys that compare success rates for students who have to work with those who do not?

How to faculty respond to students with demanding work schedules? 

Recommended Keywords

Recommended Keywords:
(Search phrases in quotations, search multiple keywords at the same time using AND and OR)

Primary Keywords:
- "working students"
- "work-study"
- "time management"
- "student success"

Secondary Keywords (use with at least one "primary" keyword)
- graduation
- "college students"
- productivity

Other Resources

Campus Resources:

UMassD Student Employment

Try reaching out to tutoring and/or counseling centers to see if they offer help for students having difficulties with productivity due to their jobs.