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Library Orientation Guide for Students


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This is an important page to read and refer back to.  Just in case you are late returning something or lose something you borrowed...which won't happen, but just in case.   :)

How to Renew Your Books

Materials may be renewed up to three times, either in person or by telephone, as long as no one else has requested them and the items are not overdue. At the end of the semester, students must be registered for the coming term in order to renew library materials. 

Renew through your Primo Account!  If you are on our homepage, click on  "Advanced Search" to get into Primo.  Then sign in and you can open your account.  You'll see an example of how to do it in this video.  Just be aware that due dates may differ if you are a student, faculty, or staff.

Primo - Finding Books

Use the search box below to run a quick search for books, or use the advanced search page to limit your material type to books prior to searching. 

Borrowing Basics

Library Card = UMass Pass
Currently registered graduate students of UMass Dartmouth are eligible to borrow upon presentation of a valid UMass Pass.  We cannot accept any other forms of ID such as a driver's license.  If you should forget your ID and need to borrow something, we can hold your materials for one day.  

Length of Loans
Books should be returned as soon as they are no longer needed are due the last day of the semester in which they are borrowed or one hundred fifty days, whichever comes first.

Number of Items to Check Out 
AV materials = 10
Books = 30

Number of Items to Check Out 
AV materials = 10
Books = 30

Overdue Fines and Replacement Fees
Equipment and reserve items are subject to fines and fees.  

Fines will be cut in half if they are paid when the items are returned and if they were due in the current semester for books and AV materials only.

  • Reserves: Reserve materials are assessed a fine of one dollar ($1.00) per hour or part thereof, to a maximum of $25.00 dollars ($25.00). The maximum Reserve fine is twenty-five dollars ($25.00) and cannot be cut in half. If the item is not returned, the borrower will receive a bill for any replacement costs plus the twenty-five dollar ($25.00) maximum fines.
  • AV Equipment: For items less than $50.00, $1.00 per hour up to $25.00, for items $50.00 - $500.00, $10.00 per hour up to $500.00 and for WiMax adapters, $1.00 per day up to $25.00.

Audio/Visual Equipment:

If audio/visual equipment is damaged or lost, the patron is billed for the replacement cost of the equipment plus any fines. If the patron returns the material or equipment, he/she is still responsible for any fines accrued.