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Library Orientation Guide for Students


The Library offers great study areas for all needs.  Group study rooms and areas and quiet study.  Check these resources to learn where they are and how to use them.

How to Reserve a Study Room

Only students are allowed to book our group study rooms and should do so to ensure availability.  

You will find a link to our student study rooms on the Library website, but you can also book a study room directly from here


Each student gets 3 hours per week to use.  Can use all on one day for one room, or split it up for multiple days/multiple rooms.  

You can also book 2 weeks into the future.  

Group minimums:  3 people minimum

Reservations have priority over groups who have just wandered in.  Groups without a reservation should politely give the space over to groups with a reservation.  Groups who fail to do this will be asked to leave by the staff.  Please come to our Circulation desk and speak to a supervisor if you have any questions or issues about this.  


Other Group Study Areas

Picture of students in the Library's Living Room

The Library's Living Room is a great place to socialize and do group study with a cafe nearby.  :)

The Scholarly Commons computers have larger tables and are better for groups to work together.  

Also, check out the third and fifth floors for tables for group study.  


Where are the Study Rooms?

Picture of students working in a group study room

Group Study Rooms

We have six group study rooms on the third floor (rooms 310, 311, 312, 313, 318, 319).

We have two Mediascape units (not in rooms), one located on the first floor and one on the second floor

These rooms/units should be reserved here to ensure they are available for use.   

Groups are also welcome to use without reservations, but those with reservations have priority.  

These rooms also have whiteboards and you can check out dry erase markers at the Circulation Desk.  



Quiet Study Areas

Picture of the South Reading Room

Need some quiet?  The Library's South Reading Room, located in the Learning Commons is the designated quiet room.  

Another spot is the Grand Reading Room...when no events are being held.  

The fifth floor tends to be quieter, but not officially a quiet space.