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Visual & Media Literacy Guide: Images Resources

Image Resources

Sometimes it is difficult to locate an image, below are direct links to some reliable  image and media repositories including those available only at UMass Dartmouth. If you need help finding media for your presentation or a publication, please contact Allison J. Cywin at She is more than happy to help with image and media permissions and licensing. Help us expand our list and email your favorite media resource repository to Allison Cywin.

Image Overload

A young boy has different media images around his head. 2017. [jpg]. ID 38443295 © Scyther5 |.

UMass Dartmouth Image Resources

Visual Resource Center (largest image & media repository related to arts, culture & history on campus)

Questions contact: or 508-999-8701.

General Image Repositories

Arts & Humanities Image Resources

My Instagram Eye

A collage of photographs in the shape of an eye.

Milner, Carl. My Instagram Eye. 2012. [jpg].

Image Resources - Engineers

Image Resources - Sciences