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Portuguese-American Genealogy

A guide on some resources for those interested in Portuguese-American genealogy.

Marriage Information

Marriage announcements in Portuguese language newspapers vary widely in their content; the information provided ranges from brief mentions that only list the bride and groom, to those that mention full accounts of the wedding ceremony. Something to note is a marriage by "procuração" (proxy/power of attorney): these were marriages where one or more of the individuals (bride, groom, best man or maid of honor) was absent and had a "stand-in"; these marriages generally took place in Portugal and when one of the individuals had already immigrated.

Unlike most English-language marriage announcements, it is not uncommon to find a trio of announcements related to one specific couple: an announcement related to their engagement; an announcement upon the civil registration of their marriage; and a final announcement upon the religious celebration of their marriage.

The following keywords should be used when searching:

  • casamento; enlace matrimonial (marriage)
  • união (union)
  • consorcio  (the joining of two people)


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