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Open Educational Resources

Visual Resource Center

Looking for images or media?

The Visual Resource Center (VRC) maintains the largest image and media repository (more than 300,000 resources and growing) on campus. So if you need help with your next media project or need high quality media resources for your next lecture look no further.

VRC also supports a number of licensed image and multiple media database systems along with direct links to museum, library and archival databases and portals. 

Law Library

Instructional Development

OER content comes in a wide variety of formats. The Instructional Development team is available to provide advice and assistance with integrating OER materials into your myCourses course sites. Please contact or call 508-999-8501 with questions or for additional information.

Claire T. Carney Library

We subscribe to many article databases, which contain full-text articles.  Your students can access these articles if you link to their permanent URL.  Often these links are located on the abstract page.  

Check out our databases to see if there are articles appropriate to your course.  

The Primo Discovery System also contains electronic books and online government publications, which also contain permanent URLs, which are called "permalinks" and located under the "View Online" tab, under "Actions."  

We also have many other non-article resources that could be useful to your courses.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about linking to our resources, please contact the Scholarly Communications Committee.

News and Events

Our committee has a blog for events such as webinars and speakers here on campus as well as news items about OER.